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Forex for beginners

Suppose that the dollar's value is rising. You can really earn on this!

Sell euros for dollars, wait for a bit, then resell them at a higher price.

There you have it! You've taken advantage of currency exchange rate fluctuations and made yourself a profit.

How to get started with Forex

  • Register with myAlpari

  • Open an account and make a deposit

  • Start trading in the MetaTrader platform

Forex with Alpari

Free education in any place, at any time

We have online courses available for traders of all levels of experience.

Try your hand at trading without risking any funds

Open a demo account: learn all the ins and outs of Forex without risking your savings.

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Learn from experienced professionals

Read articles from experienced traders and analytical reviews from financial market experts.

Forex from A to Z

Do you understand the language of traders? Take a look at our glossary, where you can find terminology about Forex and other financial markets explained in layman's terms.

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