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Rating of successful PAMM account investors

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The ratings of the Alpari PAMM service provide a convenient way of finding suitable accounts in which to invest. We’ve used our wealth of experience to create a rating system for PAMM accounts and investors, which serves as a useful tool for anyone thinking about where to invest their funds in the PAMM service.

Investor rating

The investor rating shows you where the most successful investors invest their funds.

The rating is updated once a week on Saturday. In its calculations for determining the ratings, the system takes into account investment data from the previous week.

The rating system only takes into account direct investments in PAMM accounts made by individuals. As such, investments in PAMM portfolios, and investments made by PAMM portfolios into PAMM accounts are not taken into account.

Only investors that have had funds in 2 or more accounts during the reference period.

Investments in private PAMM accounts are not taken into account, and neither are investments made to manager investment accounts.

In the return calculation, only the returns of 2 or more PAMM accounts that have the investor’s funds in them for the whole of the reference period are taken into account. Returns are calculated after deductions for the manager’s remuneration have been made. Only investors with a weekly return of at least 2% are included in the rating.

An investor’s position in the rating is determined not only by profitability, but also the diversification of investment. The more PAMM accounts on which an investor has funds, the lower the total risk of their investments, and accordingly, the higher the diversification of investment. This will improve the investors standing in the rating.

All calculations are made in USD according to the official ECB rate at the end of the reference period.

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